Which kind of decorator are you?

May 17, 2021

Everyone’s different, so which kind of decorator are you?

Our Alchera Living premium lifestyle apartments at The Reserve offer an architecturally designed neutral palette for you to personalise. But what kind of decorator are you? Our new series of meet the resident will explore some different decorating personalities to help showcase some great ways you can personalise your lifestyle or retirement property.

First we meet the Green Thumb!

We all know that person who can never have enough indoor plants. The only thing a Green Thumb likes buying more than plants are shelves on which to house them.
You’ll find most surfaces in a Green Thumb’s home covered with pots of all kinds and you inevitably need to duck and dive as you walk through to avoid the hanging items.

A Green Thumb’s home has a lovely fresh smell and you’ll find yourself leaving with a cutting or two when you visit. But beware, if you place your cup down for too long, you may find it has a plant in it when you attempt your next sip of tea!

Alchera Living communities are great for Green Thumbs – from our village lifestyle nestled amongst gardens to our A-Grade Apartment living in The Reserve. The natural light opportunities throughout our communities will give your green decorating the best chance to flourish.


Let’s meet the Curator!

Our friends who hold on to furniture for decades and know who owned it before them are Curators. When a Curator is shopping, they would NEVER be caught in a store selling new items. If something has no story, they don’t want it!
When visiting a Curator’s home, you will feel the history and life coming from the furniture and decorations. If you don’t notice it, they will certainly tell you!

With a mix of decades and eras, the living space of a Curator could easily be browsed for hours. If something a Curator owns is broken, they will ensure the workmanship from the correct era is applied to fix it. And they can always be relied upon to have the best record collection!

Alchera Living communities are great for Curators – from our village lifestyle of homes with multiple natural light aspects to our A-Grade Apartment living in The Reserve. The nuetral colour schemes of our units and apartments will allow all the woodgrains and fabric colours to shine in the home of a Curator.


To tour the properties and experience the natural light for yourself – get in touch today or call us on 9314 5884.

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