Get outdoors and enjoy nature

November 16, 2020

Spring has sprung- let’s enjoy nature’s beauty.

Getting outdoors has so many health benefits, here’s some inspiration.

Getting out and enjoying nature can help you – mentally and physically. Not only is fresh air good for you. Medical professionals recommend getting ten minutes of sun in summer and thirty minutes of sun in winter to boost the body’s production of vitamin D which helps strengthen bones. Vitamin D has also been linked to dementia so maintaining a healthy level of the vitamin D helps your body and mind. As the days begin to get longer and the mornings are warming up it’s the perfect time to change up your routine and get outdoors more often. Some of the ways you can enjoy nature at your own pace are easy to do with so much of it near to your Alchera Living community:

  • Sit in the park amongst the trees and listen to the wind rustling through the leaves
  • Watch native birds from your window, garden or on a walk. Listen to their song and mimic it if you’re a good whistler!
  • Watch which way the clouds move and try to guess the direction the wind is blowing. For those more tech-savvy, check your phone to see if you were right! If you’re not tech savvy, why not play the game everyone loved in their childhood – guess the shape of the cloud.
  • Join family or friends for quiet time by the river. Listen to our Western Australian river ecosystem.
  • If you’re not a morning person, something as simple as enjoying the sunshine and fresh air from your balcony is a good way to dust off those morning cobwebs.
View of Winnacott Reserve's lush green grass from a Reserve balcony
Parkside balcony

An Alchera Living community is a nature-loving community with many amenities right on your doorstep. Located directly on Willagee’s beautiful Winnacott Reserve, the balconies get an unencumbered view of the lush green lawn.

Frederick Baldwin Park is a nearby park with a beautiful man made lake and plenty of open space. Approximately 1.7km away you could either walk or drive and enjoy the views of the lake or bring the family for a picnic.

The Swan and Canning Rivers are also not too far away (7km) and it’s a short drive into the beautiful and historic Fremantle.

With so many options, The Reserve is the perfect spot for those fond of nature. And, for those of you who prefer the urban environment, there’s plenty of that around too.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

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