Embrace the winter weather

June 15, 2020

Winter weather means plenty of rain.

But don’t let that stop you enjoying the brisk outdoors.

Here are some fun activities we think you could squeeze in between the rain showers to keep you entertained.

With the winter rain, we are all a little more restricted in our outdoor movements. We also have a tendency to want to stay indoors altogether if it’s cold and wet. But we all know that getting a daily dose of fresh air and sunshine is good for us, just ask your doctor.

There are still ways you can enjoy the outdoors in between showers. Watch the weather report in the morning and plan your day’s activities accordingly. If it looks like rain in the afternoon, why not get outdoors for a walk first thing? It gets your heart pumping and builds an appetite. If the weather looks dire all day, wrap up warm, put on a waterproof jacket and some gumboots.
Here are a few of the small things we love doing when we only have small dry patches outside:

  • Enjoy the smell of gum leaves on a warm road – something that always reminds us of our childhood.
  • Look for rainbows after a rain shower.
  • Splash through some puddles in your gum boots. Remember how much fun that was as a kid?
  • Count the seconds between lightning and thunder to guess how far away the storm is.
  • Collect a few leaves after the wind has blown them off the trees and try to draw or paint them.
  • Take a photo of the same angle at the same time each day and watch the seasons change.

Bright coloured umbrella with raindrops falling heavily onto itBlack and white image of adult feet with gumboots standing in a puddle Brightly coloured rainbow arc with grey sky and fluffy cloud next to it

Our Alchera Living communities give residents access to the beautiful outdoors and incorporate nature within our complex. We also have plenty of indoor activities at our Social Centre so you definitely won’t have a chance to get bored.

What activities do you like to do during the winter months? Are you a outdoors person regardless of weather or do you like to hibernate and stay indoors? Tell us your winter activity suggestions and we’ll add them to our list.

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